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Breast Lift Surgery

Revealing the mysteries behind breast lift surgery

It’s hard to imagine how cosmetic surgeons like Dr Alan Greenberg defy gravity to raise your breasts without external support. Careful attention to the shape of your body leads to a profile that looks natural and youthful.

Begin with a breast lift consultation

As a board certified obgyn with board certification in cosmetic surgery of the body, breast and extremities, Dr Greenberg has a thorough knowledge of women’s breast structure. He will ask you about your goals and gauge your suitability for the procedure. He will evaluate the level of ptosis (drooping) and indicate where the new nipple should be in relation to the inframammary fold (IMF) or breast crease. He is careful not to raise the nipple too high because it is more difficult to lower it later. This is also the time to discuss whether you want to consider breast augmentation in conjunction with a breast lift.

Surgical procedures for a breast lift

The in-office mastopexy procedure begins with local or tumescent “awake” anesthesia to numb the breasts. Most patients also are given “twilight” anesthesia via iv sedation, so they remain very relaxed but in a semi-conscious state.

Depending on your unique needs, Dr Greenberg may make one of the following types of incisions to reshape tissue and remove skin as needed:

Circle. A narrow incision around the areola is almost undetectable after healing because the natural pigmentation of the nipple and areola conceals the scar.

Lollipop. An incision around the areola and a vertical line from the areola to the bottom of a breast will appear minimal later because the shadow of the breast hemisphere hides it.

Anchor. A U-shaped incision in the breast crease is connected to the circle around the areola with a straight vertical line. The bottom on the “anchor” is hidden by the IMF.

During the surgical process, Dr Greenberg lifts the breast tissue and adjusts the nipple and areola to the desired height. If you want the areola to be smaller, he will alter the perimeter through the existing incision. Excess skin from the breast lift will be removed. The incision lines are permanent but are designed to blend in to the natural contours and color of the breast. They will fade over time.

Recovery after breast lift surgery

Plan to have someone drive you home after the procedure and take a few days off of work. You will also need to wear a bra and limit strenuous activities for a month or until the skin has healed.

If you have questions about the surgical procedure for breast lifts, contact Dr Greenberg and the staff at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery.