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Breast Reduction and Breast Lift

Breast reduction and breast lift procedures eliminate discomfort and boost confidence

The large breasts that we believe most men admire and women envy can be a curse for some people. Dr. Alan Greenberg is a Frisco cosmetic surgeon who has worked with many women who complain that the weight of their breasts causes physical problems. Breast reduction surgery can help to eliminate these issues. Here are some signs that your bosom has become a burden.

  • Neck, back and shoulder pain
  • Permanent “grooves” on the shoulders from the bra straps
  • Inability to run or participate in sports
  • Ill-fitting clothing due to nonstandard proportions or asymmetry
  • Low self-esteem

Heavy breasts can also lead to cosmetic changes. They may droop (ptosis) due to the pull of the added weight. Therefore, many breast reduction procedures with our Frisco cosmetic surgeon include a breast lift (mastopexy) to restore a perky appearance.

Women are not the only candidates for reduction procedures. Men may experience enlarged breasts (gynecomastia) due to hormones, heredity, weight gain or certain drug use. They often feel self-conscious when shirtless in swimsuits or during sports.

Breast reduction procedures fit all sizes

Innovations in medicine have led to various breast reduction techniques. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon will analyze your body type and breast composition to advise you of your best options.

  • Liposuction reduction. Women with double- and triple-D cups tend to carry more weight and have a high body mass index (BMI). By removing excess fat via liposuction, there is minimal scarring and recovery is faster.
  • Traditional reduction surgery. Also referred to as a reduction mammoplasty, removal of glandular breast tissue is required. Likely candidates are younger women with less fat and more breast tissue.
  • Gynecomastia surgery for men. Men’s skin is thicker than women’s, and their enlarged breasts are primarily tissue with some fat. Dr. Greenberg removes fat with liposuction and excess tissue with reduction surgery in order to create a flat chest.

The beauty of a breast lift

Although liposuction results have been remarkable for reducing stubborn fat deposits on the body, surgeons avoided the procedure on large breasts with concerns that eliminating breast mass would add to drooping. However, breasts are often naturally lifted after removing the weight of excess fat. If a liposuction breast reduction does not provide the desired lift, then patients can opt for a traditional breast lift in the future. We recommend waiting three to nine months after a liposuction reduction to allow time for all swelling and bruising to subside.

For patients requiring traditional reduction surgery, it makes sense to perform a breast lift at the same time. Dr. Greenberg sculpts the breast to the desired shape, repositions the areola and nipple as necessary, and tightens the skin before closing the incision. Men with gynecomastia may need a similar procedure.

Less is more with “awake” anesthesia

Dr. Greenberg can perform minimally invasive breast reduction procedures in the convenience of our clinic. The use of tumescent “awake” anesthesia and possible IV sedation allow patients to communicate throughout the procedure. Patients also experience a faster recovery.

Experience beautiful breasts with a breast reduction

Dr. Greenberg has been helping patients feel good about their bodies for more than two decades. He is extremely knowledgeable about breast surgery in both women and men. Contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon to learn how he helps patients in Frisco, Plano, Dallas and North Texas.