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Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon and OBGYN For Breast Augmentations

Choose a cosmetic surgeon - Alan Greenberg, MDNo one knows better. Choose a cosmetic surgeon and OBGYN for breast augmentations

It’s not surprising that a doctor who specializes in women’s health would be an expert on breasts and have extensive knowledge of natural breast shapes. Alan Greenberg MD is a board certified OBGYN and a board certified cosmetic surgeon specializing in the body, breasts and extremities. Women who want an expert opinion should choose a cosmetic surgeon who is also an OBGYN for breast augmentations.

Why you should pick a cosmetic surgeon and OBGYN for breast augmentations

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgeons requires its members to be board certified in one other surgical specialty. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon has dedicated his life to caring for women’s well-being at all stages of life, choosing obstetrics and gynecology as his specialty. His training required him to meet the following goals.

  • Earn a medical degree.
  • Complete a four-year residency program.
  • Spend four years in an accredited OBGYN residency program.
  • Gain experience in the diagnosis and management of breast disease.

Moreover, Dr. Greenberg had to meet additional requirements to practice cosmetic surgery. He demonstrated mastery of surgical skills and aesthetics as well as excellence in patient care. He has performed thousands of breast surgeries and other procedures that help women feel good about themselves.

Specializing in natural breast shapes for all ages

People’s perceptions of breasts change throughout each stage of a woman’s life. Women who choose a cosmetic surgeon and OBGYN for breast augmentations, like our Frisco cosmetic surgeon, can be confident that he knows how to achieve natural breast shapes for women at different life stages.

  • Fluctuating hormones. From the onset of puberty to menopause, breast size fluctuates significantly.
  • Childbearing. Expanding and contracting mammary glands stretch skin and ligaments.
  • Aging. Diminishing breast tissue, gravity and environmental factors reduce skin elasticity and cause the breasts to droop.

Every woman is unique

Dr. Greenberg consults with each patient to discuss her goals. However, he’s not just a cosmetic surgeon and OBGYN for breast augmentations. He also performs additional procedures.

If you would like to learn how Dr. Greenberg sculpts natural-looking breasts that will flatter your figure and enhance your self-esteem, contact us for a free consultation. Discover why women in Frisco, Plano, Dallas and North Texas feel better about their results by choosing our Frisco cosmetic surgeon for breast augmentations.