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Choosing Your Breast Implant Size

When considering a breast augmentation, the size implant you want inserted is always one of the decisions that you will have to make prior to your surgery. Many women think that they can just choose a desired cup size they want to be when choosing their implant size. Unfortunately, implants do not come in cup sizes and cup sizes vary dramatically depending on the store you purchase your bra from.

Ways to choose

There are several ways to choose the size of your future implants. One way is to wear a loose fitting bra on the day of your preoperative visit and try on multiple different size implants to give you a good sense of the size you will want.

Another way is to ask a friend of similar size and stature with breast implants you like, what size they chose.

The benefit of twilight anesthesia for saline implant surgery

When undergoing a breast augmentation here at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, over 99% of our patients undergo the procedure under local tumescent anesthesia. While we offer twilight anesthesia administered by a board certified or board eligible anesthesiologist at an additional cost, there are multiple benefits to having the procedure done awake. One major benefit if you choose saline implants is that we can sit you up after the implants are inserted for you to view your breasts. While looking at your breasts through a mirror in front of you and on your side, we can add additional saline to enlarge the size of your implants and breasts before closing your incisions.

Many of our patients decide to go larger once they see their breasts after the implants are inserted. Giving our patients this option allows them to have more control over their final size, so they tend to be happier with their final results.

So, when thinking about getting a breast augmentation, consider having it done here at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery to give you more control over your final size. Remember consultations are free. Contact us today.