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Client is Happy with Her Fat Transfer to the Breast Procedure

Patient Pleased with Her Feminine Figure After a Fat Transfer to the Breasts

Client is Happy with Her Fat Transfer to the Breast ProcedureAfter raising three kids to adulthood, Terry* was finally ready to focus on herself. She had always been a small A cup, but before her children were born, they were perky and firm and she never felt a need for a change. Unfortunately, the pregnancies and breastfeeding caused them to lose volume and droop. Terry knew that she didn’t want implants but was thrilled to learn that Alan Greenberg, M.D., could increase her bra cup size with a fat transfer to the breasts.

“I was tiny – an A cup,” Terry said. “What little I had went away after nursing three kids.”

Apprehensive of implants, Terry patiently researched other options. Pregnancy also left her with excess skin and fat around her mid section and split abdominal muscles. “I was searching for a doctor that could take my fat, add it to my breasts and tighten my abs at the same time,” she said.

A fat transfer to the breasts and lipoabdominoplasty equal this mommy’s makeover

She was frustrated after interviewing numerous plastic surgeons. They all wanted to do implants and a traditional tummy tuck that would require hospitalization and a lengthy recovery. Recently, she found Dr. Greenberg’s website and learned about lipoabdominoplasty for a tummy tuck and a fat transfer to the breasts. After a consultation with Dr. Greenberg, who is board-certified in cosmetic surgery of the body, breasts and extremities, she was impressed that his new techniques seemed like a better way of doing things. Both procedures would be minimally invasive, with “awake” anesthesia and IV sedation. She wouldn’t have the added expense of hospitalization, and her recovery would be faster.

Loving the results

Terry is happy with her new feminine shape. “The fat transfer to my breasts was amazing,” she said. “Dr. Greenberg was able to shape and mold my breasts so they look completely natural, and the best part is, they ARE completely natural. They honestly look better than they did before I had babies. I love them.”

She is a full B cup, has cleavage and wears shirts that she had avoided in the past. The lipoabdominoplasty also gave her a tight tummy and eliminated the excess skin and fat. She has also been pleased with the follow-up care from Dr. Greenberg and his staff.

If you would like to add curves without implants, contact Dr. Greenberg and his team at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery. You may discover that we have a better way to get you the body you always wanted.

* First name withheld to protect patient privacy.