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Facial Fillers

Facial Fillers

Designed to reduce wrinkles, smooth lines, and plump up skin tissue, facial fillers are injections that Dr. Greenberg administers to problem areas on your face. Often, these products are used to add volume and remove creases. Dr. Greenberg uses Juvederm® and Restylane®, which work in a slightly different manner than options like Botox or Radiesse.

Juvederm® and Restylane®

With Juvederm® and Restylane®, we can temporarily remove unwanted wrinkles and improve your appearance. These biodegradable, non-animal gels are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance that helps keep skin hydrated. Typically, Dr. Greenberg suggests Juvederm® and Restylane® for smile lines, folds in the skin’s surface and lip augmentation.

The Procedure

Dr. Greenberg performs facial filler injections in the office. We will prep the area to anesthetize the tissue and minimize your discomfort. Using a prefilled syringe, Dr. Greenberg infuses the material under the skin with a small needle. Juvederm® and Restylane® will start to restore volume and fullness right away.

What to Expect

Normally, patients experience few problems with Juvederm® and Restylane®. You may develop minor irritation at the injection site, but you should be able to resume normal activities immediately following your appointment. Bruising, numbness, redness, discoloration and especially swelling can also occur, but these reactions typically subside in a day or two.

After Treatment

Over time, these specific filers are naturally broken down by your body and eliminated during your body’s cleansing process. Generally, you can enjoy the benefits from Juvederm® and Restylane® for about six months to a year without needing to schedule more treatments. The actual duration varies based on location of the injections and body tissue composition.