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Lipoabdominoplasty Complements a Breast Augmentation

Patient enlists Frisco cosmetic surgeon for lipoabdominoplasty and breast augmentation

Before Awake Breast Augmentation

Alex had been working hard to get in shape. She was attending boot camp fitness classes Monday through Friday. However, she wasn’t getting the results she expected, so she enlisted the help of Alan Greenberg MD, who is board certified in cosmetic surgery of the body, breasts and extremities. He recommended a lipoabdominoplasty to reveal the toned abdominal muscles she had earned.

This wasn’t her first procedure with the Frisco cosmetic surgeon. The petite medical assistant lost a significant amount of weight five years ago. Unfortunately, Alex also lost a lot of fat and tissue in her breasts and decided to rebalance her body with a breast augmentation. “I feel sexy again,” she said.

Lipoabdominoplasty reveals tight abs

Before Lipoabdominoplasty

After giving birth to three children and carrying excess weight for several years, Alex’s skin around her waist had become stretched. No matter how hard she exercised and dieted, it would not disappear. She also wanted to eliminate the stretch marks that developed during her pregnancies. Dr. Greenberg could tell that she had good muscle definition below the loose skin, so he recommended a lipoabdominoplasty. The procedure is a minimally invasive tummy tuck that does not require general anesthesia and has fewer post-operative risks. Recovery is faster, it is more affordable, and it provides the same or better results than the traditional tummy tuck.

The lipoabdominoplasty began with the injection of a tumescent solution to separate the skin and other tissue from muscle. After performing liposuction to remove any stubborn fat deposits, the Frisco cosmetic surgeon tightened the fascia covering the abdominal muscles and removed the excess skin, including the stretch marks.

Breast augmentation replaces what was lost

After Awake Breast Augmentation

Breasts are often the first place where women notice weight loss, an unfortunate consequence. Breast augmentation is one of the few ways in which women can control their size.

Alex lost 60 pounds, almost a third of her body weight. After meeting with Dr. Greenberg, she decided to have a breast augmentation using saline implants. She now wears a 36D bra and is thrilled.

Great results with “awake” anesthesia

After Lipoabdominoplasty

The breast augmentation was performed under “awake” anesthesia. Alex was relaxed and numb, but she was aware of her environment. The Lipoabdominoplasty was performed with “awake” anesthesia for the liposuction portion and IV sedation for the abdominoplasty (excess skin removal and muscle tightening) part.

“Recovery was amazing,” she said. “I was expecting more pain since I wasn’t fully sedated. I had the breast augmentation performed on a Friday and returned to work on Monday.” The lipoabdominoplasty was equally successful. “I took off for a week and then went back to work seeing patients.”

Count on an informative consultation

“Even though I show friends my before and after photos, I always tell people to do research, so you don’t regret the decision,” she said. Dr. Greenberg and his nurse, Kelly, thoroughly explained everything. “They make you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.”

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