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We take the post-surgical appearance of your belly button seriously

Today I plan to talk to you about belly buttons, known better as the umbilicus medically. You are probably asking why in the world I would discuss belly buttons as a topic for a cosmetic surgery video and blog. A belly button’s only purpose is to feed you as an embryo and a fetus while in your mother’s stomach prior to delivery. So why waste my time on this subject?

Belly buttons are also important cosmetically because they add to or detract from the beauty of your abdomen after a lipoabdominoplasty or a tummy tuck. Some surgeons perform tummy tucks and do not even bother with replacing the belly button. Others replace the umbilicus but pay little attention to its aesthetics, and yet some decide to remove your belly button altogether and create the appearance of a new fake belly button. I suggest you look closely at the after pictures when you choose your surgeon to perform your tummy tuck. Most cosmetic or plastic surgeons will try and place your low abdominal incision under your panties, underwear or swimsuit to hide it after you heal up from your surgery.

A poorly done belly button lets everyone know you had a tummy tuck

So, what actually shows after your surgery? Hopefully, you will have a flat abdomen with smooth skin of normal proportions following the procedure. Your belly button will therefore be the only thing that will give away the fact that you had a cosmetic procedure on your abdomen.

Here at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, we take the appearance of your belly button seriously. It is our goal for you to have an umbilicus that looks natural, inverts inward and hides your umbilicus incision. While we cannot promise you will have a perfect belly button after your surgery due to factors beyond our control such as wound healing or reaction to your suture material, over 90% of our belly buttons look natural and after one to two years will not give away that you had any cosmetic surgery of your abdomen.

Look closely at the belly buttons in a surgeon’s “after” surgery pictures

When picking a cosmetic or plastic surgeon for your tummy tuck, be sure to pay attention to their after pictures to scrutinize the appearance of their umbilicus. Otherwise, everyone may know you had a tummy tuck after your surgery, whether you want them to know or not.

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