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Pro-Nox Offers Laughing Gas for Cosmetic Procedures

Stay serene with Pro-Nox™ and use laughing gas for cosmetic procedures

Stay serene with Pro-Nox™ and use laughing gas for cosmetic proceduresThoughts of enhancing your appearance should bring a smile to your face. However, needles and medical equipment can make some people anxious. Fortunately, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon offers the Pro-Nox™ Nitrous Oxide Delivery System. Alan Greenberg MD shows patients how to self-administer this gentle form of laughing gas for cosmetic procedures.

Reduce feelings of fear and stress with Pro-Nox

Dentists have long used a mix of nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2), but in a higher concentration of 70% nitrous oxide. In recent years, we discovered that we could use a 50% mix of laughing gas for many cosmetic procedures.

In addition, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon may recommend Pro-Nox in conjunction with “awake” tumescent anesthesia for other procedures. The “awake” anesthesia will numb a targeted part of the body before a minimally invasive procedure. Some patients find it relaxing to add nitrous oxide to reduce their stress levels for other procedures.

How we use laughing gas for cosmetic procedures

Pro-Nox works as an analgesic and targets pain centers in the nervous system. It does not affect your consciousness or ability to move. This is different from anesthesia, which eliminates all feeling while you are either awake or asleep. When patients self-administer laughing gas for cosmetic surgery, some people giggle and feel a bit intoxicated, but they retain enough control to manage the device and let us know if they begin to feel uncomfortable.

Since nitrous oxide is not metabolized by the body, you can drive yourself home, unless you had an additional oral or IV sedative for more advanced procedures. The nitrous oxide leaves your body with normal breathing and is gone in 5 to 10 minutes after your last breath from the tube.

The use of laughing gas for cosmetic procedures is completely optional. If you get nervous or have a low tolerance for pain, then you may want to add on the Pro-Nox service to your aesthetic or minimally invasive procedure.

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