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Pro-Nox for Cosmetic Surgery

Relax and administer pain relief during cosmetic surgery with Pro-Nox™

Nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, has been used as an analgesic for more than a century. Today, the Pro-Nox system allows patients to safely self-administer a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen to overcome anxiety and reduce pain during cosmetic surgery procedures. Alan Greenberg MD, a Frisco cosmetic surgeon, offers this noninvasive service to clients who wish to take an extra step to control their treatment.

Pro-Nox complements “awake” anesthesia

Most of the minimally invasive procedures with Dr. Greenberg utilize “awake” anesthesia. Lidocaine in the tumescent solution, which also includes saline and adrenaline, serves to numb the area being treated. This allows patients to remain alert and communicate directly with our team. It is far safer than general anesthesia and reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack, respiratory problems and even death.

The Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide Delivery System works in conjunction with “awake” anesthesia for pain relief during cosmetic surgery when oral or IV sedation is not required. It is available with the following procedures.

How to experience pain relief during cosmetic surgery

Everyone experiences pain and anxiety differently. Even though most patients are excited to see the beautiful results of their procedure, they may also worry about the process. Patients breathe in the 50/50 mix of nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2) through a sanitary mouthpiece or mask for pain relief during cosmetic surgery.

The gases are controlled by a specially designed on-demand valve that delivers the mix when inhaled. Once comfortable, patients can remove the device from their mouths and breathe normally. The gas is heavier than our normal atmosphere, so exhaled air sinks to the ground and does not affect our Frisco cosmetic surgeon or his team.

No special training or preparations are required. The Pro-Nox device is equipped to notify the surgical team if gas pressure is low. Some individuals may experience mild nausea. However, breathing normally usually resolves the problem. If oral or IV sedation were not needed, then patients can drive themselves home after a few minutes of breathing without the mouthpiece.

Breathe easy

If you have always longed to have a procedure to enhance your self-esteem but have a fear of needles or a strong reaction to pain, then contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon to learn whether Pro-Nox can help you. Our new laughing gas system may give you a reason to smile.