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Rice is Nice for Testing Breast Implant Sizes

Finding a fabulous fit with the rice test for breast implant sizes

Finding a fabulous fit with the rice test for breast implant sizesAn awesome tool for choosing breast implant sizes may be found in your pantry. Women considering breast augmentation procedures can create their own sizers, with raw rice placed into pantyhose and sealed at both ends, to simulate the size and weight of actual implants. It’s called the rice test.

The best way to identify breast implant sizes is to visit with our Frisco cosmetic surgeon to discuss options that fit your stature, frame, age and physical activity levels. However, the conversation will be more productive if you have been thinking about your goals and the size you’re considering before the meeting. At North Texas Cosmetic Surgery, we also have implant sizers that you can try on before your procedure.

Try various breast implant sizes with the rice test

The rice test isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Pouches of uncooked rice conform to your breasts, like implants. You can test the fit and feel of various breast implant sizes for several days in the privacy of your own home. And it is easy to compare the amount of rice to cubic centimeters (cc), which is the measurement used for implants.

Here’s what you need to take the rice test:

  • Unpadded sports bra, with individual cups (not a tube style), because the compression garment best replicates the muscle and skin holding an implant in place
  • Uncooked rice
  • Measuring cup
  • Pantyhose or knee highs
  • Camera tripod or a friend to take pictures

Cut out a 12-inch-length of hose. Seal one end. Fill the stocking with premeasured rice, referring to the cc amounts listed below. Tie off the other end and insert the pouch between the bra and the breast. Take photos in snug-fitting clothing and a swimsuit to judge the appearance. Try several sizes and note the cc amount in each picture. Perform routine activities for a day or so to see whether the additional volume and weight feel comfortable.

Rice Volume
1/8 cup 30 cc
1/4 cup 59 cc
1/3 cup 78 cc
1/2 cup 118 cc
2/3 cup 156 cc
3/4 cup 177 cc
1 cup 236 cc

Passing the test

Have fun with the rice test and get ready to make the most of your breast augmentation procedure. Then contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery to discuss the best breast implant sizes for you. Together we’ll start cooking up plans for your procedure.