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Take Advantage of Cosmetic Surgery During the Pandemic

Invest in your appearance with cosmetic surgery during the pandemic

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This is the perfect time to make a change. While you stay in a socially distanced cocoon as COVID runs its course, use the time and money that you would have spent elsewhere to invest in your appearance. Alan Greenberg MD is seeing a surge of interest from people who finally have the time to improve their self-esteem. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon can have you ready to become a social butterfly when your friends and family start gathering again.

Benefits of cosmetic surgery during the pandemic

Take advantage of the opportunity to work from home and manage your recovery on your own terms. You can schedule procedures for days you can take off all or part of a day, and working from home means you can wear comfortable, loose clothing.

Chances are that you have a pod of family members or close friends who are also working from home and are available to assist you if needed. And keep in mind that your face mask provides more than COVID protection, it also covers a little redness from non-invasive aesthetic procedures to the face.

Here are some of the most popular procedures for cosmetic surgery during the pandemic.

If you just want to look refreshed for your next conference call or Zoom meeting, ask about aesthetic fillers or injections and/or skin tightening to the neck or arms.

Use unexpected savings to invest in your appearance

Stay-at-home guidelines have practically eliminated parties, large family gatherings and international vacations as well as curbed shopping and dining out. As a result, perhaps you find yourself with a little extra money. If you have not been able to use your vacation days and are staying close to home, then use the extra time as well as the vacation pay to combine two or more procedures. If you undergo cosmetic surgery during the pandemic, then you have time for longer recovery periods.

Play it safe

You’re probably wondering whether it is prudent to schedule elective surgery right now. That’s a good question and our Frisco cosmetic surgeon is working hard to keep everyone safe.

First, Dr. Greenberg offers virtual consultations as well as in-person meetings. If you decide to proceed with cosmetic surgery during the pandemic, it will occur in our clinic, so you will not be taking beds or medical resources from seriously ill patients. Rest assured that our clinic must meet the rigid safety standards for accreditation by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and our facilities are always thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between patient visits. We require patients and staff to wear masks, check temperatures at the front desk and maintain social distance in our common areas.

If you’re concerned about the risk of general anesthesia, then relax. All procedures at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery are minimally invasive and utilize local, “awake” anesthesia or “twilight anesthesia”. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon does not utilize the riskier general anesthesia.

No time like the present

It’s a great time to invest in your appearance because you may never get the luxury of having this much time at home again. Cosmetic surgery during the pandemic may be ideal for you. Contact Dr. Greenberg to see how patients in Frisco, Plano, Dallas and North Texas are finding the silver lining to coronavirus precautions.