Patient Pleased With Tighter Neck Skin

After Renuvion Neck Skin Tightening Procedure

Patient credits Renuvion™ for her tighter neck skin

Dianne Comtois is an event planner and hostess for a popular restaurant in Dallas. Patrons would be surprised to learn that the attractive 65-year-old was concerned about aging. Like many women, Ms. Comtois had thought about her appearance – imagining how she would look if she tightened the skin on her neck and chin. But she isn’t one for going under the knife, so it was just speculation.

Alan Greenberg MD is familiar with women’s concerns about their bodies. When he saw the Renuvion procedure performed at a cosmetic surgery convention, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon was convinced that it was the breakthrough his patients desired.

How Renuvion results in tighter neck skin

Before Renuvion Neck Skin Tightening Procedure

Before Neck Skin Tightening Procedure With Renuvion

Ms. Comtois noticed that her jaw line was disappearing. When she heard that the Renuvion minimally invasive procedure can result in tighter neck skin, she decided to have it done.

“I know that Dr. Greenberg is a perfectionist. He’s kind, gentle and very professional,” Ms. Comtois said. “He tells you everything that he’s doing – even if you don’t want to hear about the details.”

Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon gave her a Valium to relax and then injected the numbing, tumescent solution through tiny incisions on the side of her jaw and under her chin. The Renuvion device uses helium gas to heat and immediately cool subdermal tissue without causing damage. The skin instantly contracts without scarring.

“The entire procedure was over in about an hour and a half,” she said. “There was no pain. No discomfort.

Quick recovery and tighter neck skin after Renuvion

After Renuvion Neck Skin Tightening Procedure

After Renuvion Neck Skin Tightening Procedure

“I thought I’d leave with a scarf and sunglasses, looking like a movie star,” Ms. Comtois said. However, the procedure for the neck and chin requires the use of a compression garment for 72 hours straight. “I describe it as a head girdle. I felt fine afterward and was supposed to work at the restaurant the next day. But I sent a photo to my boss, and he suggested that I take off that Friday,” she added with a laugh.

Ms. Comtois said she had a little numbness along her jaw and massaged it every night when she applied a cream that our Frisco cosmetic surgeon prescribed. She also continued to wear the compression garment at night for one month following the procedure.

“When I look at the before and after pictures, I realize that my neck wattle was a lot worse than I imagined,” she said. “Even my friends who had neck lifts think that it looks amazing. I’d tell anyone to, ‘Just do it!’”

If you want to learn how Ms. Comtois got tighter neck skin with the Renuvion process, contact our Frisco cosmetic surgeon and the team at North Texas Cosmetic Surgery.

I have wanted to get breast augmentation for years

I have wanted to get breast augmentation for years. It’s a really scary thought for most to have any kind of surgery. After meeting with several doctors, I had my consultation with Dr. Greenberg. I immediately knew this was the man for the job! Dr. Greenberg and his staff were so humble and thorough with me and my fiancé on what I wanted out of my surgery. He gave me his honest opinion and I did not get that from any other doctor. I value one who hears what I want but keeps my health and proportion In mind to help me make my decision and also weigh out the pros and cons.  I never would have thought I would have the option to be so involved during my surgery.  I thought I was crazy to even consider being awake for my breast augmentation. After having Dr. Greenberg and his staff thoroughly explain the entire procedure I felt much more at ease. All my questions were answered, and I liked the fact that I had more visible control during the procedure. I got there promptly first thing that morning and laughed through the entire procedure. YES laughed. We listened to music and talked the whole time. My fiancé came in before we ended the procedure so I could ask him his opinion on the size and you know what, we were able to adjust it! You couldn’t do that if you were asleep! He called me he very next day to check on me and my recovery was wonderful! I had very minimal pain the following day, just some soreness. I could compare it to a heavy chest day at the gym kind of sore! I had no negative side effects from the surgery and recovered beautifully, they look phenomenal! I recommend Dr. Greenberg and his staff hands down. Not only do you get a fantastic end result, you get a lasting experience to match.

Based on my experience I could not recommend Dr. Greenberg more highly

Before i met Dr. greenberg i had endured 4 breast surgeries all in an effort to achieve a more youthful look as a result of aging. With each surgery i had severe complications and breasts i could not stand. The dr just dismissed it acting as though everything was fine. All of the surgeries left me unhappy and thinking i would never have what i hoped for !
By chance i was introduced to Dr. greenberg when i moved to Dallas from out of state. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, reputation and most of all, his willingness to listen to what i wanted. Simply stated, after we discussed what he could do to meet my needs , Dr Greenberg performed my surgery and the result can be summed up in one word ” perfection’!! My breasts are naturally shaped and balanced – i feel like i am 20 again ( and i am 50) !! Just as impressive is that the scars from my successful surgery are almost invisible! Based on my experience i could not recommend Dr. greenberg more highly.

-Michelle Shreve

I would do it all over again!

“I decided it was time to have a breast lift and breast implants, and the difference is unbelievable—I’m very pleased. Dr. Greenberg gave me the shape and volume I was trying to achieve, and the staff was very helpful throughout the process. I was in and out within a few hours, the scars aren’t noticeable and the healing time went by before I knew it. I would do it all over again!”

– B.H.

Thank you Dr. Greenberg and Mindy!!!

I am very grateful I had the Abdominoplasty(Tummy Tuck) and liposuction with Dr. Greenberg.   Debra E, Angela T, Lisa N, Jessica R, and all of you who provided testimonials on this site, you speak for me.  Dr. Greenberg and his staff are on a par excellent to none. Everyone in this office is awesome and caring. It’s hard to tell who works for Dr. Greenberg and who works for the other doctors on staff. They all seemed to work for Dr. Greenberg. They make it a point to know who you are and who your support system is.  Then they become a part of your support system.  Now back to Dr. Greenberg and his nurse.  Dr. Greenberg is not simply just a surgeon; he is an Artist and a caring physician and has been lucky enough to hire a nurse that compliments what he does to perfection. He takes one look at you and explains how “you” can look your best with “his” skills and eye for detail.  I’m 64 years old and on the verge of retirement.  I thought this might not be the most wise decision, but after my consultation with Dr. Greenberg, his assistant along with support from my husband, they helped me realize that I really hadn’t waited too long to take the step toward being a better me.  My self-esteem is restored. They lead you through every step of the procedure and recovery. He even gave me his cell phone number. Really.  Imagine my surprise when I called with a question and Dr. Greenberg answered phone.  Yes, no answering machine, no voice mail. It’s been four months since my procedure and I will be eternally grateful for their care.  Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Greenberg and his staff.  He is so skilled in surgery and personal interaction, it’s almost unbelievable.  Believe it.  He is not merely a surgeon, he is an artist. His confidence in his skill and care comes through as soon as he walks through the door for your appointment; before and after exam, every time. Do not hesitate to give them a call.  The consultation is free, the results are astounding.


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