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Transgender Breast Augmentation for MTF Patients

Look as feminine as you feel with transgender breast augmentation

Voluptuous breasts are often associated with the feminine figure. Now an enlightened medical community offers breast augmentation to help trans women. Dr. Alan Greenberg, our Frisco cosmetic surgeon, offers minimally invasive transgender breast augmentation for male-to-female (MTF) patients.

Candidates for transgender breast augmentation

Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon serves MTF patients who have already made a firm commitment to transition. He offers transgender breast augmentation under the following circumstances.

  • Hormone therapy. This is the best indicator of a patient’s commitment. Even though Dr. Greenberg is a licensed obgyn, he does not offer hormone therapy for MTF patients. Treatment must be managed by another doctor of the patient’s choosing.
  • Full commitment. A referral from another doctor is not required. However, we do need evidence that the patient is fully committed to this transition. Indicators may include undergoing hormone therapy, planning sexual reassignment surgery or providing a letter from your psychologist or social worker.
  • Defined goals. Dr. Greenberg does not perform mastectomies or breast reduction surgery on female-to-male (FTM) patients.

Transfeminine transformation options

The estrogen in hormone therapy will naturally cause the breasts to increase in size, but not as much as some patients prefer. To achieve larger, fuller breasts, our transgender breast augmentation patients have the same choices as cisgender women. Dr. Greenberg recommends silicone or saline implants placed behind the pectoral muscles in MTF patients. An autologous fat transfer to the breasts also is an option, but implants provide a predetermined shape and size that most MTF patients prefer.

  • Silicone. Most patients remark that silicone implants look and feel most like natural breasts. Today’s medical-grade implants are safer than older models. You will know exactly what the size and shape will be.
  • Saline. Filled with a sterile saltwater solution, saline implants allow for last-minute size adjustments. If the patient wants to alter the size slightly after viewing the results during surgery, then more liquid is added. If there is a leak, the breast will wrinkle or deflate.
  • Fat transfer to the breasts. Patients with excess fat may consider harvesting their own fat cells via liposuction. After impurities are removed, the prepared fat cells are injected into the breast. A fat transfer works best for patients whose bodies may reject an implant or for those who just want a small increase in size.

Considering all issues

There are other issues related to the effect of hormones on the body during development. Male chests are wider and more pronounced, so our Frisco cosmetic surgeon may place the implants further apart on transgender breast augmentation patients. We can position existing nipples for a natural appearance. Patients can address chest hair with shaving, waxing or laser treatments.

Experts in female physiques

Feel confident in your decision to make this transition by choosing a cosmetic surgeon who also is an obgyn. Our Frisco cosmetic surgeon has worked with thousands of women. To learn more, contact us to find out how MTF clients in Frisco, Plano and Dallas are increasing self-esteem with a transgender breast augmentation.